Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sissy Dicks and Spanking a Piggy

Well it's raining here today and I really dislike getting wet so I am relaxing at home.  Just talked to a very femmy guy who I had to explain to what a real MAN is.  He actually thinks he's straight. Never mind the fact that he was wearing panties because he said he "likes how they feel" ahahahaha ... really?  Listen up lambchop ... you like the "feel" because your sissy dick slides around in that girly material and reminds you how small it is and how much of a mistake you are. No worries however, I will show you the way to fulfilling all my entertainment needs because I love making you feel even more femmy than I know you are. 

Ooops can't type anymore at the minute.  There's a financial slave who needs his addiction tinkered with through Niteflirt pay mail.  He's begging me to leave enough for his Anniversary with his wife on Saturday.  *giggle*  I will let you all know how this turns out and if you can guess ... comment below. 

Ta Ta for now.

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