Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sissy Dicks and Spanking a Piggy

Well it's raining here today and I really dislike getting wet so I am relaxing at home.  Just talked to a very femmy guy who I had to explain to what a real MAN is.  He actually thinks he's straight. Never mind the fact that he was wearing panties because he said he "likes how they feel" ahahahaha ... really?  Listen up lambchop ... you like the "feel" because your sissy dick slides around in that girly material and reminds you how small it is and how much of a mistake you are. No worries however, I will show you the way to fulfilling all my entertainment needs because I love making you feel even more femmy than I know you are. 

Ooops can't type anymore at the minute.  There's a financial slave who needs his addiction tinkered with through Niteflirt pay mail.  He's begging me to leave enough for his Anniversary with his wife on Saturday.  *giggle*  I will let you all know how this turns out and if you can guess ... comment below. 

Ta Ta for now.

Friday, 9 June 2017

OOOPS I Did It Again

Yesterday was hot as the fires of hell and your Queen got a bit sunburned eeek.  I do not usually lay out so long but I have this new rainfall thingy installed by the pool and it sprays a delicious spray of water every now and then all over my body.  Because it felt so good I did not notice how long I was laying there.  Time to get a sun cream that is waterproof I think.  That fucking tube was $37.50 so you see what happens when you buy cheap damn it!

Anyways, mail mouse came early because there is rain today.  The pool was not that dirty but it was fun bossing him around.  On either side of my house there are houses.  I made him strip and do it in the nude haha.  Was extra special because he gets to try out one of my new cock drip cages (see last post).  Most times I like locking it on myself but his tiny cock reminds me of a slug.  Just can not let that thing near me.  At one point while he was uncomfortably cleaning some water must have splashed on the cage and the fucking alarm started screaming haha.  So funny, especially when my neighbor yells from behind the fence, "Is everything ok over there?".  I thought mail mouse was going to drown himself with embarrassment.  Oh and got really burnt too.  Poor fool left feeling worked over.  He begged and begged me to remove the cage so his wife would not find it.  I told him I lost the key and he should wear it home until I find it HA.  Today I will text him and offer him a removal fee of $300.00.  I will let you know when he pays.

Have to go get my hair conditioned and trimmed today.  See you on the bitch side tools.

Miss Fortune Rules (all the fucking time)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A New Way to Make Sure I Get More Pleasure Outta you

 Here I am,, just back from the gym and still sitting in my sweaty clothes for you to catch the sweet whiff of GREATness from.  My god girls look hella good in workout clothes ... all tight and shimmering with sweat.   Wish you here so I could make you lick it off me .. for a price.

 I went shopping yesterday and added $576 to Accountant's credit card while he was at work. Part of the deal for me letting him do my taxes is that I wear really short dresses in his office AND he supplies a new credit card to me to max out every month.   I had fun, just being by myself and getting my summer closet revamped.  Wait until later when i model My new beach attire.  I even bought some new towels to wipe up your drool.  Oh yes and I almost forgot.  I got a brand new cock cage for you fuckwad Nothing special just a small ordinary version of all the rest only difference is that this one has a drip meter on it.  When you get uncomfortably swollen and start to ooze down there, a little alarm will go off and I'll know it's time to make you PAY for that little bit of pleasure *grin*.  If you are going to be enjoying me, I want to know about it.   The alarm sound is quite loud and keeps beeping until I turn the key a certain way.  Will be fun to use out in public when I fuck you over. 

K, off to set up Amazon so you can get Me some more gift cards.  I'll make you drip and PAY all day long.  Remember that I am around tonight for some EMAIL PAY ME PLAY .. all you have to do is grab your pay stick and message me on Niteflirt.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Welcome - Meet mail mouse - Where can you fit into my world?

Welcome boy to my new place to control you on the web.  I know you will be checking daily to see what I am up to.  At the same time, I am fully aware that reading my thoughts will further take over that puny brain of yours ... yay me.  Today is a another beautiful sunny day and I couldn't wait to get home from shopping and slip into something sexy and little .. bikini it is.  I just mixed myself a nice mojito with freshly ground mint and I am soaking up some rays while I wait for the mail mouse to arrive.  So who is mail mouse?  Well mail mouse is a disgusting male creature who works at the post office. He manages the other mail peons or something like that.  Anyways, mail mouse is my pool monkey.  There is no way I am ruining my cute manicure by cleaning the pool and whatever else you do to those things.

The first time I met mail mouse was at the post office.  He overheard me on the phone trying to book a pool cleaning and voila ... he offered to help.  Little did he know what he was in for.  Now mail mouse not only brings my mail personally to me but he cleans my pool every 3 days.  He also rubs my feet, mixes my drinks and becomes furniture when I need it.  Who would have thought an overworked, married, 54 year old man would have time to make me a priority in his life?  *giggle* I did.

I meet men all the time who want to get closer to me.  So, I have to figure out what space they can fill.  Mail mouse is just one of several boys I have at my beck and call.  Who needs a boyfriend / husband when I can have slaves ... yummy.  Maybe I will teach him to eat his cum sometime soon ... I know he will hate it but who really cares.  As long as I'm enjoying it .. that's all that really matters.

Ta ta,