Sunday, 9 July 2017

I love Sunshine, men in tight swimsuits and your Cash in my purse!

Spent the morning at the beach and watched a few beautiful boys playing volleyball.  I love the sand between my toes and the sea water on my skin and they way you can tell just how big a guys cock is in their bathing suit.  Guys today like tight clothes and I have to admit I love the new trend too.  There is no guessing about who is worth flirting with!  I was on my stomach topless and my tits are big and beautiful.  It's no wonder why the ball kept ending up near me. 

So in the last blog post I mentioned that a Niteflirt loser had wanted to play email question and answer with me and his anniversary money for his wife was at stake.  Needless to say he enjoyed himself a little too much and I easily relieved him of not only his gift money but their next mortgage payment as well.  He kept messaging me and asking what he was to do about not showing up the next day with a gift and I told him that he should stop at his local graveyard and grab himself a wilted bouquet of flowers for her.  Haven't heard from him yet.  He might be living in a box but somehow I know he will WORK his way back to my feet again. 

Soaking up the sun in my beautiful backyard.  Might I suggest a little wallet rape session to make me smile.  I know that my laughter makes your cock feel all warm and tingly. 

Message me. 

Oh and follow me on twitter Used_by_Her so you can get your addiction up to date real time.

Bye for now loser

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