There are many ways you can SERVE ME but you must remember ... I like money and gifts just like every other Girl on the planet.  Men were born to be the laborers and earners. We were meant to spend it.  Now do not get Me wrong.  I love leading you around by your cock, breaking down your ego, teaching you the way of Me.  It makes Me the most wet when you are on your knees begging.  When you are no longer thinking ... just doing ... whatever I want.  You just have to remember that unfortunately money is very important in our society and I enjoy servants more that never forget this.  
Think of it this way ... I am Female and we love to shop for pretty things as much as possible.  There is nothing better than having 40 bottles of different expensive perfumes to choose from.  I love lotions, potions and travel and there is a price to being my slave.  Plus I deserve it while you ration and eat ramen.  It's all in the name of  ... making Fallon's world a much more pampered place to live in.  This is not Financial Domination ... this is just a necessary part of a male wanting to be in My life.  

Many males stare at My beauty when I walk by.  I catch their attention.  There are many submissive males for every Dominant Female.  Which means your colorful feathers won't make Me look your way but gifts and tributes can.   

you can start with this button pet!

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